Helping Single Adults Heal from Relationship Loss to Create Happy Lives and Healthy Relationships

Move Beyond Pain &

Find Yourself Again

Feel Strong & Capable of

Creating a Wonderful Life

Enjoy a Connected &

Comfortable Relationship

Are you feeling "the ache" of divorce? You are not alone!

The Emotional Pain of Relationship Loss is REAL

Do you feel overwhelmed about all the big changes surrounding your divorce?

Do you worry about your finances and wonder how to recover from your losses?

Do you feel stuck in depression &/or anxiety - like you are in emotional quick sand?

Is there part of you that wants to date but you are afraid of being hurt again?

Have traumatic events with your former spouse left you uncommonly sensitive and feeling socially vulnerable &/or isolated?

Are you concerned about the effect of divorce on your children and introducing them to new dating partners?

You Are In the Right Place. We Can Help!

You Deserve Inner Peace and Loving Connection

Meet Jeff & Cathy

We understand your needs because we have been where you are. We have experienced many kinds of losses, including divorce and death of family members.

Our coaching tools have helped us and our clients recover more quickly than ever before. You can trust us because we will always have your best interest at heart and we love the community we serve.

Resources: Book, Courses, and Coaching Memberships

Intentional Courtship is the book authors Cathy & Jeff desperately wished for when they found themselves newly single at middle age and starting over.

This Amazon best-seller is an invaluable resource for single adults seeking to recover from loss, experience growth, rediscover joy, and create better relationships than ever before.


Life Design After Divorce


Knights of the LILY


LILY Ladies

Testimonials from Happy LILY Members


Emily Merkley Robinson

Love In Later Years (LILY) is so needed in the Latter-day Saint singles community. It has been an underserved demographic in our church for a long time. Jeff & Cathy - keep doing what you are doing - it makes a difference.


David Howard

When I joined Knights of the LILY, I found the support I was looking for healing from the loss of a 35 year marriage that ended in divorce. I gained confidence that there was a lot of life left to live joyfully. I've now moved on and recently remarried. Life has never been brighter and more promising. If you find yourself single and in need of support, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff & Cathy, their book Intentional Courtship and their monthly group coaching sessions.


Kristi Eldridge

I loved taking the Life Design After Divorce course and I love the LILY Ladies Coaching Group. I have grown in so many ways. Jeff & Cathy offer help navigating the singles world where there otherwise wouldn't be. Their support is great and one-of-a-kind. It's been better for me than counseling ever was. I definitely recommend this avenue of help. I highly suggest their coaching and courses.


Bernie Haddock

Jeff & Cathy had a lot to do with me even dipping my toes into the dating waters again after my divorce. Now...I'm married to a wonderful man! Their coaching and book Intentional Courtship was a total game changer for me.

Do You Want to Find Your Special Someone and

Create an Eternally Loving Relationship?

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1. Schedule a Free Consult

Schedule 15-minutes with one of us by Zoom, we look forward to knowing you personally!

2. Get on the Zoom Call

Gain clarity and explore what you want to intentionally create in your future.

3. Create Your Map

We will guide you in the right direction for your situation. Are you ready to make a change?

Our Promise

As Single Life & Relationship Coaches, we are here to help you intentionally heal from loss to create a happy life and healthy relationship.

Promise 1

We will meet you where you are and cheer you on towards your loftiest goals and ambitions.

Promise 2

Unlike those who will give you "the moves," we support how you show up in life & relationships.

Promise 3

We will refer you to a therapist if you have significant trauma that needs more support than we offer.

Promise 4

Don't be surprised if your life changes dramatically for the better as you work with us!

How Will Your Life Change with LILY Coaching?

BEFORE: You've gotten as far as you can on your own and perhaps you are feeling stuck.

AFTER: We will give you momentum in the direction you want to go. Many of our clients have gotten (re)married and are creating beautiful blended families. Most importantly, they have more JOY as they use the skills they've gained to thrive in life and in relationships!

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